PRE Report (2012)

The Final Report of the Parallel Recruitment Exercise (PRE) details the nationwide pilot that ran during applications to FP 2012 in order to ensure that logistics were in place ahead of live implementation for FP 2013.

Over 90% of UK applicants to the Foundation Programme sat a pilot one hour SJT, and all UK applicants had their academic performance ranked into deciles according to the new EPM framework. The results of the PRE SJT were evaluated, and in line with the findings of the 2010-11 pilots, they confirmed that the SJT is valid, robust and reliable.

Medical schools consulted and agreed with students and staff the method for calculating EPM deciles, and the frameworks used locally were made public to ensure transparency.

Final report of PRE (Full Appendices)
Final report of PRE (No Appendices)

Appendix A – High Level Timeline
Appendix B – Communications Strategy
Appendix C – PRE Team Roles And Responsibilities
Appendix D – Administrators Guide
Appendix E – SJT Invigilator Guide
Appendix F – Analysis Evaluation of PRE SJT
Appendix G – Feedback to medical schools
Appendix H – Feedback to applicants
Appendix I – PRE EPM Framework
Appendix J – Case for the SJT
Press release – ISFP over 90 percent participation

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