Option Appraisal (2010)

Please follow the links to download the Option Appraisal, which is the report of a nine-month long process that sought international evidence and good practice in order to evaluate the preferred methods for selection to the Foundation Programme. The Option Appraisal involved literature reviews, the appointment of an International Panel of Experts, extensive stakeholder consultations and an independent Cost Benefit Analysis.

The result of the Option Appraisal was the recommendation of SJT and EPM for piloting.

ISFP Option Appraisal Final Report (Full Appendices)
ISFP Option Appraisal Final Report (No Appendices)

Appendix A – Legal Opinion
Appendix B – Characteristics of the current system
Appendix C – Expert Panel Summary Report
Appendix D – Cost Benefit Analysis
Appendix E – Stakeholder Engagement Summary
Appendix F – BMA MSC Focus Groups Report
Appendix G – Summary of Online Questionnaire
Appendix H – Algorithms for Foundation School Matching
Appendix I – Definition of EPM
Appendix J – Definition of SJT
Appendix K – Definition of Common Content of Assessment
Appendix L – Durham Literature Review
Appendix M – Newcastle Literature Review
Appendix N – Warwick Literature Review

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