Final Report of Pilots (2011)

The design, development and piloting of the SJT and EPM were overseen by the ISFP Project Group. The Department of Health England, on behalf of the four Departments of Health, agreed with the recommendations of the ISFP Project Group that selection to the Foundation Programme should test the skills, knowledge and professional behaviours of the applicant, reflecting the integrated nature of the Foundation Programme as both education and employment. Following evaluation of the pilots, it was agreed that selection to the Foundation Programme should be based upon:

  • An Educational Performance Measure
  • A Situational Judgement Test

ISFP Final Report (no appendices)
ISFP Final Report ( with appendices)

Appendix A – Legal Opinion
Appendix B – Characteristics of the current system
Appendix C – Project Initiation Document
Appendix D – FY1 Job Analysis
Appendix E – Person Specification FP2012
Appendix F – Final Report of SJT pilots
Appendix G- Guide for SJT Administrators
Appendix H – EPM Pilot Report
Appendix I – EPM TFG report
Appendix J – Report of Aggregating SJT and EPM scores
Appendix K – ISFP Communications Plan
Press release – ISFP Final Report Publication Sep 2011

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