In this section you can download the archived ISFP Project documents and reports relevant to the Foundation Programme.

Timeline and Briefing summarise the different phases of the Project.

The Option Appraisal compared different ways in which selection to the Foundation Programme could be undertaken. It recommended piloting the SJT together with EPM. As a result, the Department of Health commissioned the Medical Schools Council to carry out the pilots.

The two-stage pilots provided evidence in favour of using the SJT and EPM as selection methods to the Foundation Programme. The Department of Health England, on behalf of the four Departments of Health, agreed that these two methods in conjunction were reliable, valid and appropriate.

The Parallel Recruitment Exercise (PRE), during which the existing selection methods were mirrored by the SJT and EPM, was the next stage. It allowed to establish the practical requirements of delivering the selection to the Foundation Programme using the recommended methods.

For a more in-depth understanding of the SJT, follow the last link to the SJT Monograph – a study of the current use, validity and development of FY1 Situational Judgement Test.

Links after the SJT Monograph refer to documents and reports relevant to the Foundation Programme from 2013 onwards.

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